How Referral Recruits Recruitment works and can help Employers and Recruiters alike

  1. You inform us about your vacancies via telephone or an email and our dedicated recruitment team gets into action

  2. We will fully review your job description and requirements and tailor them to highest standards to get quality applications

  3. We will advertise them throughout various job sites, job search engines and social media

  4. Once we acquire the substantial number of applications and CVs we will evaluate and screen them for you

  5. We will then conduct a preliminary telephonic interview with the prospective candidate and if he/she appears to fit into your specific criteria, we will short list them

  6. We will then forward the short listed applicant’s CVs to you

  7. Now would be your turn to follow your interview procedure

  8. Recruit the right and perfect candidate

  9. Once satisfied, you can hire the candidate

  10. Finally you compensate us with the payment

Our services therefore will not only save your money but also help you to save your valuable time and hurdles associated with finding the right candidate.

We at Referral Recruits take care of all the processes of advertising your vacancies through various channels without charging a penny from you while filtering a huge number of applications manually such that only the right candidates that fit your requirements are forwarded to you.

Therefore, you pay us only when you are 100% satisfied with candidates and have employed them successfully.